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ENGLISH Pez Turquesa Espacio Creativo

Written by Jeimy Galavíz
One January afternoon-night of 2008, friends conversing of different things, referring of production, we were speaking about having a pushing font of proposals inside of the art market, without infer in a particular concept, simply in a space that gave us the opportunity to exhibit in a continue way our own production. I remember that we insist in the circumstance of introduce that production to the public , having the reference than a space can be a good catalyser because it permits the entry and fluidity o people, just when there's someone with the conscience that is interested in something is because it have a particular interest, is specific in its taste. With the options that we had and noticing that our generation colleagues had the same interest that their own production has more direct access we decide to do something about it.
One chance came after other, and then another was open and by the time we looked around us the plan was already made: an empty space to be filled.
Like a music box that when you give it some charge the mesh start to spin creating those rhythmic smashes against the cylinder , we started to work in the space. Toon toon traka boom kuazz...
White walls, a big shop window that welcomes every passer-by or curious pedestrian, we were immersed in the fact of breaking the idea of a posh gallery where just some people get inside. No! we preferred start planifying how to make this place the sufficiently friendly and not having things with other aggregated values than the ones they really are: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, embroidery, accessories, shirts, wall painting decoration, origami, curses... without those conditions that chokes every agitated throat hungry of saying, propose and let itself been seen.
We thank God and the collaboration and support of all of our friends and colleagues. The project started having shape and without them this wouldn't been possible:
The space have a big variety of proposals of:
The organization and administration of the project is in charge of:
zyanyaantiga . jeimygalavíz

Pez Turquesa Espacio Creativo is in Av. Paseo de los Leones # 1305B (second floor) Dr. Enrique C. Livas. Col. Cumbres 1st Sector. Postal code. 64930 Monterrey NL México.

Open days:
Monday to Friday from 10:30am to 8:30pm
Saturday from 10:30am to 6:00pm

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